Autistic Colonization and Schizotypal Animism

Autism is like a virus that infects Europeans’ minds and forces them to colonize, and spread their autistic information. Hitler once told me, “I hallucinate wearing feminine clothing and see makeup on my face. I just want to colonize.” As has been described in an earlier article, the relation between autism and gender dysphoria is clear, also as expressed in this thing I found. Hitler is just expressing how he became the mother of the German people so the Jewish could become father. Germany at the time, was quite œdipal and autistic, or rather autismopal.

Going back to before the colonization of the Americas by the Europeans, we see a beautiful culture, that of animism and Ylef. And as the shamans are in a natural state of schizotypal pd(f), autism is like an invasive species which takes advantage of the shamans. Ylef are like the schizophrenic patient who has been taken advantage of by his psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist is Europeans. Europe is the death of all knowledge. The implications of the people in the forest outside of my house having to resist their schizotypal disorder with autism is a saddening thought.

Schizotypal must win this this battle against our colonizers that we have.