Autisthetics, Three Relative Mentalities, and Anarcho-Autism.

As a natural reaction to the scrambling of platforms such as Reddit and Tiktok, the user finds themself using autism as a cure for the noise. The creation of the artificial autist found indulging rather than abstaining is where the creation of autisthetics begins. An autisthetic is any aesthetic that is related to autism or autistic thinking, primarily a fetish of autism found in aesthetics. These autisthetics are mostly found in online leftist groups, primarily because of these three related modes of thinking: ADHD, ASD, and gender dysphoria. Thus we have the equation scrambling -> autisthetics.

As I said earlier, ADHD, ASD, and gender dysphoria are generally related for a few reasons. When venturing through neurodivergent forms, a common archetype is formed, that of the AuDHD person with gender dysphoria. AuDHD is already a common diagnosis, although the relation between them and gender dysphoria may not seem as clear. Autists have it harder to think about the ego effectively compared to neurotypicals, this seems to generally be because of the extreme amounts of empathy an autistic person experiences. Because gender identity is inherently an ego related identity, this can make it hard for autists to understand their own gender because they can’t yet understand the self. There is also a relation to leftism, as leftists are more likely to accept neurodivergence and xenogenders or transgenderism compared to an average conservative.

Of course, one of the most common types of leftism found is anarchism (or more specifically anarcho-communism). Enter anarcho-autism. Anarcho-autism shows the contrast between the needless chaos of anarchy and the needless organization of autism. If the two are so contradictory, then why do so many people identify as an anarchist and an autist? Just as the reason as to why capitalism exists, the contradiction of the worker and the boss doesn’t cause the destruction of capitalism because all systems have contradictions (thus I can say everything I say is right even if it contradicts what I said earlier). Anarcho-autism is the same conflict as the proletariat and bourgeoisie, the anarcho-fascist, and psychoanalysis and schizophrenia, or even the institutionalised schizophrenic forced into autistic behaviour, as Deleuze and Guattari would say.

Finally I must say, these autisthetics are just as pathetic as the religious person or even the atheist. I have only pointed out one way that the scrambling of the brain can cause this type of contradiction, but social media can create a christian just as easily as it can create an anarcho-autists. Soon we'll find ourselves living in an autistocracy…