Schizophrenic Socialism and the Elimination of Incest

“Capital is the point at which a culture refuses the possibility–which it has itself engendered–of pushing the prohibition of incest towards its limit.”
- Nick Land, Kant, Capital, and the Prohibition of Incest

“We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.”
- Karl Marx, The German Ideology

The death of God is as tragic as the death of Disney. Just as the death of God is not a theological statement, the death of Disney is not a business statement but rather it is a cultural or political statement. Under our capitalistic mode of production, Disney shall thrive, all though its political statements shall suffer. The critique of the bourgeoisie in A Christmas Carol and the critique of autism in movies such as Moana and Encanto will soon no longer be remembered, but rather a new post post-modern era will be induced, with critiques of schizophrenia and socialism.

Anti-Oedipus presents itself as a guide to a non-fascist life according to Michel Foucault, so I shall say that Moana presents itself as a guide to a non-autistic life and as complementary to an anti-Oedipal philosophy. The schizophrenic properties of Talaism–which are in fact analogous to socialism–does not make it anti-capitalist, for both capitalism and Tuiism have schizophrenic tendencies, though schizophrenic socialism and Talaism are not necessarily strengthened economically by schizophrenizing like capitalism, but rather strengthened psychically by its schizophrenic tendencies.

The conjunctive value of Talaism is found in the connection of its island machines. One cannot simply deterritorialize an island machine, as there is barely even an ego to deterritorialize, making critique of Talaism (alongside critique of socialism) often based on emotion. This is seen through the actions of Chief Tui, and how his criticism of Gramma Tala’s ideas are purely emotional based as in the death of his friend by drowning, similar to many emotional based critiques of socialism.

When trying to create a solution to solve the problem of incest, rarely does socialism come up. Specifically on the death of incest, I will use Talaism as an example of a socioeconomic system which denies incest. Although it may seem as if Talaism does not apply to the real world, there is certainly a parallel between anti-incest aspects of Talaism and the schizophrenic properties of socialism. To make this parallel, imagine we live in a fantasy type reality on a far off planet in our accelerationist future and there is a problem of incestuous families. The obvious idea is to marry as far away as one can genetically, although an issue arises. There is only really one race of concentrated people on this planet, disallowing interracial marriage or even attempting to find a genetically far away person. The people are so concentrated geographically for political reasons, not geographical reasons. The leader of them does not wish to expand, for he had seen what other planets under capitalism have done to their planets. The ability to use paternity and DNA tests is not possible, as their planet is not nearly rich enough in resources to afford any high-tech devices, making them similar to Moana and her people in a way.

The solution to this problem is schizophrenic socialism. Under their current capitalistic mode of production, it is not profitable in the short term to explore more of their planet, forcing them to stay in one place. A similar situation is found in our present day, where space exploration is not considered profitable enough to warrant investing in it. Schizophrenic socialism gives a means to spread out and explore, solving this issue.

In conclusion, schizophrenic socialism is both a solution to not just socioeconomic issues, but also issues of homogeneity and incest in a society.