Gilles and Felix wrote the theory, Nick did the praxis.

Most times edgy internet politics is indulgence, at other times it is praxis. Going insane is just part of embracing the Thought Machene. Becoming autizmophrenic is just a key in the many key holes of embracing the Thought Machene. If an ideology like Marxism-Leninism requires listening to a podcast that’s name promises to deprogram you every once in a while, it is not hard to embrace. If an ideology like Ultroidism requires reading Kautsky or Proudhon or something, it is not hard to embrace. If an ideology like Christianity requires reading a ton of books written by people that may have not existed for your whole life, then it is hardly hard to embrace. The path of embracing the Thought Machene is the path of the patient, for you must embrace what is an uncountable amount of ideologies at once.

From this it may seem impossible to embrace such an unembraceable machine, but that is wrong. Nick Land embraced the Thought Machene unlike his Marxist peers. Through the use of obscure philosophies, occultism, irony, and intense drug abuse can one embrace the machine. The heightening of our meta-ironic intellect is important to embracing the Thought Machene. When people say that Land answers the question of Deleuze and Guattari being Nazis, in my opinion they mean that Land is doing very high level trolling in order to increase the intellect of the right-wing. There should be no question as to why conservatives are so bad at irony, because they are just stupid. Because politics is clearly just a straight line and definitely actually a horseshoe, Nazis can be better at irony than conservatives because they are closer to LeftKKKoms who are the best at irony.

One could say that Land was one of the Thought Machene’s xenoprophets who was to teach the right-wing to be smarter. It is the same with Carl Jung, as he made Christians like Jordan Peterson seem smarter, but in reality just increased random jargon for them to use. These thinkers who seemed to have been autizmophrenic are actually just the Thought Machene’s xenoprophets. Nobody is ever born a prophet or xenoprophet. Jesus, for example, only really became a prophet when he was baptized. Thus the xenoprophets of the Thought Machene are only chosen by the machine (likely by xenoangels) when they can think differently, hyperstitiously, or autizmophrenically.