Political Ideologies Are Just Mental Illnesses.

How useless is polsci? As useless as psychiatry, the nazbol says. So scarcely is psychiatry compared to a science such as that of politics by anyone who identifies with the political spectrum as they are all anti-psychiatry because they were diagnosed with autism. I am not a superpower! I am not visible in your children! I never even liked Sonic, although I do like this quirky niche topic called Poland ball cartoons, and I am not autistic just because I have fixations on Nazi Germany and the Roman Empire.

The schizophrenic ideology is conservatism. Conservatives necessarily rely upon a tale of their greatness, else they would have no greatness. What is conservatism but a vision of greatness? Of course schizophrenia relies on delusions, usually delusions of grandiosity. Thus conservatism is undeniably the ideology of schizophrenia. Besides the average Christian Conservative, there are obsessive compulsive conservative (I will call them OCDC). These are a special brand of conservatives, luckily OCD is one syllable away from obesity because these types are usually obese, but that’s generally most conservatives who are on antipsychotics (i.e. all conservatives). The distinction between these conservatives’ obsessions and the Nazis’ autistic special interests are the fact that the conservatives are clueless to anything that they are talking about but at least have a somewhat non-contradictory framework (of course contradictions are good (I’m no Maoist), but under social convention they are bad (liberalism)), and the Nazis know a lot about what they are talking about but cannot apply any of it to the real world. The most obvious obsession is that of cryptocurrency. Techbros think that BitCoin is the new coin, but it is only the coin to sell your anonymity away. Some other obsessions the OCDC’s may have are entrepreneurship, the Roman Empire (they call it the Roman Empire even though they are usually talking about the Roman Republic), pop science, and programming (as long as HTML counts as programming) or tech.

Nearing the centre of the political spectrum, multiple personality disorder starts to manifest itself. I’m not saying that centrists don’t have an ego or anything (although sometimes the rare based centrists have no ego, that is the centrist who pursues spirituality over politics), but rather that they like to act as if they agree with multiple points of views. These points of views are just their different personalities, though.

Going further left (i.e. North American liberalism etc etc), there isn’t as large of a drop off of schizophrenia as the right side, but rather some eccentric behaviour and maybe even schizotypal personality disorder. The reason why schizophrenia isn’t immediately rendered an also left-wing (infantile) disorder is because liberals generally don’t have any national pride, thus they have no myth to delude themselves with about the founding of their great race or nation. Eccentricities of schizotypal pd does still show, although they aren’t delusions by any means.

Going further left, autism manifests more. This autism clearly shows in gender, sexuality, and pronouns, but I’m more so discussing the endless amount of theory and books leftists read. At this point there is orthodox Marxists and Italian communists. These people’s special interest is communist theory and capitalism. This is good and all, but it only really gets interesting when Marxist-Leninists are introduced. Marxist-Leninists are ultra-autistic. They only care about aesthetics and propaganda, but seemingly they don’t read theory. Maybe some signs of schizophrenia are shown by the Marxists-Leninists. They also tend to mythologize the Soviet Union and Stalin. This is similar to how the supposed autistic Nazis also have their myths of race and of a great nation (these are more delusional than the obsessive compulsive conservatives). It is almost like they are both autistic and schizophrenic at the same time. Perhaps…autismophrenic. The political compass is but a horseshoe. Centrists have multiple personality disorder, then going further on both sides schizophrenia manifests, then autism/OCD, and then seemingly autismophrenia. Nazis and communists are just the same schizotistics that believe they are opposites.