Darkness of Freud.

In the song Darkness of Christ by Slayer, Tom Araya screams, “We hold these truths to be painfully self evident / All men are not created equal / Only the strong will prosper / Only the strong will conquer / Only in the darkness of Christ have I realized / God hates us all / God hates us all”, seemingly suggesting the instigation of a new social Darwinist society in the darkness of Christ. The reliance on Darwinian evolution as a basis for a political ideology requires the truth of evolution, which of course is obscured by the anti-schizologist scientists, as we all know autism is what created humanity, through the organ-ization of the Thought Machene. Clearly this song is not discussing physical competition between people in order to achieve a perfect man or even an übermensch, but rather the psychical exploration of the Thought Machene, and the identification of phonemes rather than allophones and morphemes rather than meaningless words. The song is like a cave, the further one goes in, the more insane they become, also expressed in the game Far Cry 3 and the book Geometry for Ocelots. The further one goes into the darkness of Christ, the more hateful they become, exemplified in the song after Darkness of Christ called Disciple on the album God Hates Us All, “Hate heals, you should try it sometime / Strive for peace with acts of war / The beauty of death we all adore”. Following the hatred in the darkness of Christ is a psychotic break, as in Threshold, “I can’t control the rage that flows from me / I can’t shut it down; it overwhelms me”.

I propose that instead of us living in the darkness of Christ, we instead live in the darkness of Freud. Leaving Freud behind, we never look to the past for answers, rather we look to authority for medication. Suffering is not all the darkness of Freud has brought us, we have seen the destruction of some of Freud’s worse theories. As I had written earlier, Tom Araya is not showing us the social Darwinist outcome of the darkness of Christ, but rather a mental competition between us. This mental competition is that of mapping out the Thought Machene or in Jungian terms, the collective unconscious. This goes back to autism being the root of humanity. In the beginning, we were only the Thought Machene, but autism mapped out and organ-ized it, creating a small living space for humanity, a false vacuum in the Thought Machene. This autistic competition becomes a type of psychical social Darwinism, and the collapse, is the realization that the Thought Machene cannot be mapped out, thus the psychotic break and the embracement of schizotypy.

The effects of living in the darkness of Freud has caused moralism to take over, shown by the massive amounts of empathy that autistic individuals experience, which in fact becomes too much to handle, then entering a massively schizoid and even schizotypal individual. In dreams which of course are in perfect connection with the Thought Machene, the moral compass of the dreamer is significantly weakened to even non-existent, signifying that there are no objective morals in the Thought Machene, and therefore all morals in the “””waking world””” are subjective, thus causing again a psychotic breakdown on behalf of the autistic individual. The darkness of Freud has shown us one thing. Meanings and truths are only possible to map in an autistic society or the preferred term, an autistocracy: “rule of the autists”.