Does God Have Schizoid Personality Disorder?

When the question of if God exists comes up or not, the correct answer is he does exist, although according to Philipp Mainländer, God is the universe, and the universe is just the rotting body of God. To first answer the question of God having SzPD, then God’s existence must be proved, of course. The least compelling arguments for God’s existence tends to be that of the moralizing chris-chans, such as C.S. Lewis. With moral prophets, such as Jesus, or the self-proclaimed prophets of the modern day (or even the psychoanalysts /s), instead of finding compelling thoughts, we see only philosophical nonsense and evangelical nothingness. If one plus one equals two, and that is an objective fact, then where does that objectivity come from, is God but a set of rules that mandate the universe? The answer is yes, because God is that objective truth of one plus one equaling two.

Now that it is confirmed that God is indeed the universe, then how must we diagnose God with any personality disorder? Generally, when attempting to diagnose a patient, much information about that patient must be known. The nature of the patient must be known, but how can we analyze God’s nature? Can the accounts of God in the Old Testament be taken as truth? The only general truth about God-as-universe is that he began, and he was schizable. The schizond nature of God is that he found the equation of pessimism: not living > living. God decided to divide himself into separate pieces, as the schizond does. He decided that his pieces would create peace, just as is said in Disciple by Slayer, “Hate heals, you should try it some time / Strive for peace with acts of war / The beauty of death we all adore”. This shows the peace that the God the schizond strives for by scrambling himself. Of course this could imply that God is schizophrenic or schizotypal, but the reason why he is specifically schizoid is because, as many fedora tipping atheists of our day point out, God is shy. He doesn’t go out and perform miracles, he doesn’t even leave his house.

When trying to diagnose supernatural beings such as God, some might be faced with criticism. The most obvious critique is that attributing human attributes to God isn’t possible. I would have to concede to this, if God was being diagnosed with autism, for autism is inherently human nature. Schizond mental illnesses such as SzPD are clearly unhuman, for the human mind needs to organ-ize, but schizonds by nature are trying to scramble the mind.

You may ask, what are the implications of God having SzPD? It may not seem relevant now, but now that we can diagnose other supernatural beings with mental illnesses, the science of schizology will take great leaps forward. This is only an attack on psychiatry, a mere accelerationist ideology we have created. We cannot forgive the art…