Our Religion.

Generally when we think of the big five religions, they are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. It's important to recognize that there is one religion hiding in the corner, disguising itself as a necessity. Often people will claim that LGBTQ+ or atheism is a religion, but this is just a distraction from the truth. The hidden religion that prevails our society is... psychiatry.

To begin, I would like to denounce the idea of a normal person. I would like to note that as Nietzsche allows himself to discover where our morals come from using a historical method, I will allow myself to discover where modern psychology terms come from using a faux historical method. To begin, it should be noted that neoliberalism influences all of our sciences, this can be deduced as even though universities may be able to do a good amount of funding for modern scientific innovation, corporations have much more money to spend, but instead of equally allocating money to the various sciences, they reject some, such as philosophy and theology. This is because philosophy and theology isn't very profitable, unlike other sciences. I will be referring to theology as a science because my favourite moralist says so. To make this make sense, an explanation of frameworks and a rejection of dialectical materalism will be necessary. Everybody works through frameworks (a.k.a ideology) and sometimes even meta-frameworks. Every framework has contradictions in it, and it is impossible to build a framework without a contradiction. Marxists will usually claim that capitalism has contradictions, to name one would be the conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The proletarian man's only goal is to make as much money as possible and the bourgeois goal is to maximize profits, thus a conflict is created. They are right to say this as even (to the pain of anarcho-capitalists) if there were a noble bourgeois man, who defied investors and decided to pay his workers as much as possible, would just be replaced by a more ruthless bourgeois man. If capitalism has so many contradictions that it's only conclusion can be complete self-destruction, well, why hasn't it happened? Besides Marxism (more specifically Marxism-Leninism) being completely self-defeating by positing that contradictions will cause the destruction of capitalism which seems contrary to the revolution (/s), contradictions don't cause the fall of a system, rather it reinforces that system.

As I describe in the Anarcho-Bolshevik Nationalist Manifesto schizophrenia and more broadly neurodivergence is what causes the breakdown of all systems. This is also somewhat talked about in Anti-Oedipus. Now you may see why psychiatry, which is propagated by capitalists, would want to viciously medicate the mentally ill, and try to make them normal. Psychiatry is trying to control us. It is our new religion. We cannot forgive the art. We cannot forgive the art. We cannot forgive the art...